Tarot Tuesday: The Divine Masculine

For this Tarot Tuesday I used an the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle deck, so it’s more like an “Oracle Tuesday.” The Divine Maculine card signals the focused start of an endeavor with consistent follow-through from start to finish. It also denotes protection, security, and structure. This card is tied to the material world, so focus your energies on what is happening in this plane of existence for you.

Helpers to internalize the meaning and value of this card include: bergamot and sandalwood essential oils, and tiger’s eye crystal.

For the full reading, check out my video on YouTube!

May you engage the energies of the divine masculine in your journeys throughout the week, and may they assist you in reaching your goals.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again, my friends.


Tarot Tuesday: Communication

The card that I pulled from Caryn Sangster’s Chakra Insight Oracle deck this morning was not immediately in line with what I asked to recieve. I requested from the universe to pull a card that would guide me through the week. I expected something (I don’t know what) that was not the communication card. But the more that I explored what the card brought up in me through meditation and journaling, the more that I understood that this card may be exactly what I require as I move through the week.

Does this card resonnate with you this week?

Today’s Tarot Card

The look of this card did not immediately align with my feelings today. Generally, I feel that I’ve been very good with my communication.

But then I considered, “what do I really want to say?” and suddenly there was much more to unpack. Being fluid and honest with expression to others is something that probably every human could improve upon since we tend to be so afraid of judgment.

This card is about expressing yourself authentically through verbal and bodily communication, but also about listening and showing up authentically in order to connect with others. It is also about being truthful in your communication with yourself.

I chose the aquamarine crystal to pair with the card because aquamarine brings courage through its calming energy. It aids in calming the mind and body so that we can get really quiet inside to know what we think and feel.

I also meditated on the water element because that, for me, is a freeing of emotional energy, which I think is necessary for the kind of communication opened with this card.

Which aspect of communication feels stuck for you right now? How can you move into a more open and honest space with your words? Is there anything that you are hiding from yourself?