Breaking the Chains: Reiki Healing for Freedom from Addictive Behaviors

Holding on to unwanted habits or behaviors can be a difficult and painful experience. This Reiki healing session offers relief to help release addictions of all kinds, connecting to your inner strength and self compassion. The energy helps to remove blockages in the body, mind, and spirit, allowing for a free flow of healing that can break negative patterns.


Angitia and Parasite Cleansing


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When I began an herbal parasite cleanse for healing and vitality I sought a spiritual guide to aid my journey.

I found Angitia, a rather obscure goddess worshipped in Ancient Italy. She is/was known as a great healer, especially from poisoning and particularly in poisoning from snake bites. A master of herbal medicine and spiritual journeying, Angitia is sometimes connected to shamanic history.

Her powers and prowess called to me and I immediately conjured a spell centered on her abilities to support me during the parasite cleanse. The spell has two parts, and can be performed successively or independently depending on what is needed in the moment.

Angitia Parasite Cleanse Healing Spell

Tools: Green candle (or a healing candle of choice), a bowl of salted water, a wand (optional, if this is part of your practice), a likeness of Angitia or a snake artifact

Prepare the Space: Light your candle(s). Create a circle (with or without a wand) that is conducive to healing according to your practice. Place the bowl of salted water at the center of the circle, along with the likeness of Angitia or snake artifact.

Recite the Spell: Repeat a number of times (feel this out, you will know when the right number of repetitions has been reached):

All around an inside me
Greater health and vitality
A body balanced with ease and joy
Dispel the parasite, Destroy!

Kneel down by the bowl of salted water and wash your hands in the bowl. Imagine that you are rinsing out your body of parasites, such as your intestines, joints, brain, heart space. As you wring your hands, repeat:

I wash away, day by day,
Parasites stowed away
Balance come, and ailment go,
Angitia’s serpents overthrow

When you feel that you have cleansed away available toxic debris, shake your wet hands out over the bowl and then dump the water onto the earth or down a drain.