Magical Crystal Ball Tapping ASMR

Enjoy the magical sounds of crystal ball tapping with some quiet mouth sounds. Gentle, rhythmic tapping induces a state of deep relaxation and calmness. Be mesmerized by the visual tingle of the crystal ball, and relax into the soothing sounds of tapping.

Wear headphones to enjoy this experience.


Soothing Mic and Face Brushing ASMR

This short but soothing experience includes gentle mic brushing sounds and face brushing visuals. The ASMR session is perfect for those who are looking to unwind, relax, and achieve a deep sense of calm.

The combination of soft mic brushing and gentle face brushing helps you to forget worries and reduce stress levels. Listen before bedtime or during times of high anxiety to promote deep sleep and relaxation.

Enjoy with headphones for the best experience!