Be Brave in your Body.

Too often people dismiss the body as peripheral.

We are encouraged to honor the mind or the spirit and to neglect the body as a source of power. Yet, there the body is — it cannot be imagined away. The body is the vehicle of this existence, for better or worse. It asks us to be present, be human, and to pay attention to our physical health.

Perhaps you, like many Americans, have ignored your body’s voice.

I work with clients to reopen the channels of communication with their bodies so that they can experience the joy, strength, and wellness that a body can provide.


Personal Training

We work together to break through the barriers that have grown between you and your fitness and wellness goals. With personal training you will be held accountable for your own health with programs designed especially for your needs. Feel inspired and ignite a fire for fitness with structured, progressive movements to improve strength, flexibility, cardiorespiratory health, mobility, and confidence!


I offer private sessions as well as yoga classes, which are available in the studio or on the virtual platform. Enhance your connection to your body by pairing postures with breath to elevate vitality and presence. Yoga improves the mind/body/spirit connection and is accessible to all bodies. Practice flexiblity in all areas of your life!

Fitness Classes

Few fitness experiences trump the energy surge of a group class! Get inspired by sampling offerings that include Spin Cycle, Core Commitment, Brainiac Step, Pump & Grind, Kick It, and Kids’ Club. Find your groove. Join a class in person or take it online through Zoom.


Connect to the elements as part of your wellness vision. Join me in a full moon circle, a spiral dance, themed ritual, or schedule a tarot reading.


Energy is channeled in and out and through the client for deep healing in this ancient technique. Restore physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing!

Nutrition Coaching

Coming soon.