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The Moon Bodies blog includes a variety of topics related to wellness. The blog is part of my personal process of achieving a higher consciousness and a healthier mind, body, and spirit. Thank you for reading!

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April Update

Spring 2022 is off to an excellent start. I really feel as if I am coming out of hibernation in a lot of ways; the most significant way is that this past year I was able to truly be more authentic that I have been in decades — maybe ever. I’ve been standing in my … Continue reading April Update


Compound exercises are a great way to elevate the heartrate and recruit several muscles simulaneously. This back lunge/single hammer curl combo is sure to ignite your quadriceps, biceps, and glutes — and don’t forget the core, which you need to stabilize.

Fitness Journal | Back & Biceps

I stopped recording my workouts for a time but I really do enjoy documenting them; it inspires me and requires me to take time to pay closer attention to my wellness in the process.

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Self-Care Bingo

One of my groups is doing “self-care bingo” this week and I wanted to select a couple areas to work on. One of the prompts is to write down 5 good things about myself

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2021 Reflection

My tie to emotional eating held me back in 2021, which was the year that I reached my highest weight. I felt a lot of anger and fear. While I gained much weight, I also achieved some amazing things, though. I found community with “my people” for the first time in my life; I actually feel as if I belong in several groups, and I have never had that before.

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Goals for 2022

My goal for 2022 was to stay open to the chaos. Checking in with myself, I am very happy with how I continue to combat my challenging habit of numbing out when things get ugly.

Fitness Journal | Back & Biceps

Today’s workout focused on back and biceps, with 20 minutes of cardio at the end. Overall, it was a good workout with plenty of variety, using dumbells, resistance bands, a body bar, and a barbell.


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