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The Moon Bodies blog includes a variety of topics related to wellness. The blog is part of my personal process of achieving a higher consciousness and a healthier mind, body, and spirit. Thank you for reading!

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Episode 45

This week’s episode sees a bad day amidst a beautiful setting as the fall/autumn season reached its peak. Check out my week of workouts and wellness!

Episode 44

I had to chop off my hair. It was just so thin and terrible. This week I got back to working out after having a cold, and we started decorating for Halloween.

Episode 43

This was the week before I got sick and also before I chopped off all my hair. It was a good week. I deep cleaned the fridge, reflected about the role of trauma in weight loss, and did my daily workouts.

Episode 42

I had a lot of reflection in this video about parenting, authenticity, and body image issues.


Episode 41

I’m still at it. I thought that I would quit, but something keeps me going.

Episode 40

Another week in the books! I keep wondering if should stop making content altogether, just because it’s so time-consuming. However, I realize, too, that I feel a lot more motivated to stay on my routine and work hard on my workouts when I am recording myself. I guess it’s a good trade-off. Maybe putting in…

Episode 39

This is my second vlog that encompasses a full week-ish of content. This is the week before we went on vacation to Maine. I actually did not record at all while on vacation, but my husband used my camera on his drone and got some footage that I ended up incorporating into the vlog.

Episode 38

I have noticed that many people who post weightloss | wellness | fitness vlogs tend to have pretty long videos — like, up to 30 minutes. I thought to string together several days’ worth of footage so that my vlogs can be longer. This is my first attempt, and the video only ended up being…

Episode 37

I was a bit bummed to have lost so much footage from this episode, due to my computer crashing. However, I do feel lucky to have been able to recover what I did from the day. Today I hit a chest and triceps workout, spent some time at a local river, and also watered my…

Episode 36

I continue to play catch-up on processing videos from weeks ago, amidst trying to recover files from the latest computer crash. This heat wave is really getting to me. But, nevertheless, here is Episode 36 in which there was no heat wave, and I can look back upon that day fondly.

Episode 35

My PC crashed and I lost all my files; after four days of working on getting my computer back up and running, I am finally able to post my content. I was already two weeks behind on posting content, and now I am even farther back. I hope that I can catch up soon! Anway,…

Episode 34

A family day today full of fun with sushi, shopping, psychic, and more. But it all began by grounding with some yoga.


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