Tarot Tuesday: White Tara

I like to pull a card at the beginning of my week, which is usually Tuesdays due to my schedule. The first day of the week is a great time to take inventory of what’s going on inside. Tarot, I find, can ground me and give me focus for the rest of the week.

Today’s Tarot Card

Today’s pull comes from Doreen Virtue’s excellent deck the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. I love this deck because it does its own kind of storytelling; and I love stories. My White Tara card had me pulling out my White Tara statue and place it on my daily altar. I also rubbed some frankincense essential oil on my palms and breathed it in while meditating, with black tourmaline close by.

White Tara and me

My reflections about the card were that I have done much work in breaking down my walls. This has lead to increased potential for sensitivity and vulnerability. These are not negative aspects but rather opportunities to explore heightened psychic and spiritual awareness and to check those boundaries!

The frankincense and black tourmaline each do a good job of invigorating the sense of self-protection but not enough to throw back up those walls.

Reflection included appreciation for my journey. Though I may not yet have achieved a peaceful life entirely, I am more open to riding the waves than ever. I have increased my compassion and have been able to be more understanding by letting down my guard.

What is the situation of your walls as you dive into the week?

Let me know in the comments!

I hope that you have a blessed week. White Tara is here as your guide.


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