Week 4, Day 5

Somehow I actually got in 5 days of movement despite my healing quadricep. On Friday I did a morning yoga class with Katy. There were times that the movement was too much on my leg but I was able to modify some postures.

WeightBody FatBMIHipsWaistBustThigh
 138.8 27.3 24    
Moving the scale is really hard. I am not looking for any big change for another couple weeks. My body takes quite a lot of time to shed weight.
Movement ActivityDurationBurnNotes
The yoga was so great. I have not done a class with Katy in a long time — since March — so it was nice to hold space with her again. The class was pretty full and that energy was good. The walk with with my daughter in the woods and we did lots of imaginative storytelling and then she collected some magickal water from our favorite place, the “heart of the woods.”
Calorie GoalCaloriesNotes
 1200-1300 1730 
My eating today was not ideal. We celebrated Friday Family Fun Night together and decided to go out to eat. I did well at dinner, ordering a steak and vegetable sides. If I had not included in sweets when I came home, I would have stayed fairly in range. But I did some emotional eating and that spiralled into two more days of eating poorly.
Daily Self CareNotes
I did not get in much time for self care today; but I can count the yoga as some self care.
Bowel MovementNotes
I again had no bowel movements today. I tried to focus on hydration but only drank about 16 ounces of water.
GoalsMini Goals
Reach 125 poundsLose .5-1 pound per week
Be more present with parentingMake mental and emotional space, spend quality time
Manage stress betterUse meditation and affirmations; feel feelings
Balance work/play/family lifeDo all things, every day, rather than bingeing
Feel more joyDiscover new passions and feed established interests
Today was a joyful day. Spending that quality time with family was great. I was also very present in my role of parent today.

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