Week 4, Day 3

WeightBody FatBMIHipsWaistBustThigh
Weighing myself this morning was disheartening. When the scale creeps up, I feel depressed because I associate parts of my worth with my weight, despite decades of trying to undo that association. I know that my lack of bowel movements has something to do my weight gain between yesterday and today, so I need to focus on getting more fiber and vegetables and water today.
Movement ActivityDurationBurnNotes
After my walk I understood that I could not do dance tonight because my quadricep was aching. I felt disappointment about that, but was glad that I am able to move right now at all. The yoga session with Emily was blissful, as always. I find that moving into postures with the extra weight around my midsection makes yoga a bit more challenging than before.
Calorie GoalCaloriesNotes
 1200-1300 1195 
I actually felt incredibly full today, and not in a good way; I felt full in a way, like, “I have not had a decent bowel movement in a long time.” I felt all the toxicity that comes along with that feeling. I ate well, though, and stayed in range.
Daily Self CareNotes
 Hygeine Plucking eyebrows, moisturizing legs
I have been noticing that my legs looks really scaly (dry) lately, so I moisturized them, which made me feel like I was taking care of myself. I also plucked my eyebrows, which I have not done in about 7 months. It did not need much upkeep since I like to keep them full, but taking care of my appearance a little bit motivates me to focus more on external beauty sometimes.
Bowel MovementNotes
Constipation is a regular and often long-lasting problem for me. I did not do any magnesium supplementation today but tried to drink more water than usual.
GoalsMini Goals
Reach 125 poundsLose .5-1 pound per week
Be more present with parentingMake mental and emotional space, spend quality time
Manage stress betterUse meditation and affirmations; feel feelings
Balance work/play/family lifeDo all things, every day, rather than bingeing
Feel more joyDiscover new passions and feed established interests
The morning began with taking care of business as I spent a lot of time on the phone with the bank. That immediately dropped me into a feeling of disequilibrium. I then headed into homeschooling. Yoga gave me a nice mental and emotional outlet that brought a feeling of wellness. The day was very varied in activities. I felt like I was moving cleanly between activities and mindsets today.

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