Week 4, Day 2

WeightBody FatBMIHipsWaistBustThigh
 139.4 27.4% 24.1 38.5in 32.2in 38in 21in
Today, the stats did not move from yesterday. I wonder if I am going to be able to lose at least .5lb a week.
Movement ActivityDurationBurnNotes
 Yoga 45 min 95 
I took a risk today and decided to see if I could manage doing yoga. My quadricep continues to feel better every day. I can bend it slightly now and put full weight on it. Five days have passed since I tore it. The yoga session was slow and compassionate, and I was able to even get into goddess and warrior positions in which my quadriceps were bent heavily.
Calorie GoalCaloriesNotes
 1200-1300 1233 
I was pleased with my nutrition today. I ate a balanced diet and I stayed in my range.
Daily Self CareNotes
The yoga session today counted as self care, and it helped me to balance the rest of my day.
Bowel MovementNotes
I took some OxyClean supplement (magnesium) last night and I had a bowel movement this morning.
GoalsMini Goals
Reach 125 poundsLose .5-1 pound per week
Be more present with parentingMake mental and emotional space, spend quality time
Manage stress betterUse meditation and affirmations; feel feelings
Balance work/play/family lifeDo all things, every day, rather than bingeing
Feel more joyDiscover new passions and feed established interests
I attempted more balance today. I did work in the morning, the homeschooling. I then moved into yoga and then I spent the rest of the day painting the living room and rearranging the furniture. I was glad that I was able to accomplish so much today.

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