Week 3, Day 3

I think that today, this third day of Week 3 is kind of like the first day of the program. I finally got up the courage to weigh myself this morning. As I suspected, I had gained back almost all of the weight of my heaviest weight of all time. I just 2 pounds lighter now than the heaviest I have ever been. So, that is disappointing. On the other hand, it also gives a lot to work toward.

How easy gaining all my weight back has been! All it takes is days of homeschooling, stress, struggles to manage work time, and lack of personal time and suddenly…well, it’s easy. As an emotional eater I have no problem eating my feelings. I’ve been feeling exhausted, chubby, and sometimes overwhelmed. Doing things as someone who is borderline overweight is challenging, but I keep encouraging myself to move forward.

Today’s weight: 140.2

Today’s Movement

I began today with 25 minutes of practicing Irish Step because I had my first actual class tonight. Last week, you may remember, I had to cancel attending my first class because of a migraine. Practice was good. I see from the videos that I need to work a lot on keeping my arms behind my back, as they peek out the sides of my hips! But I did a few warmups (and also practiced the jig, which is not pictured here). I felt ready for my class.

Irish Step Practice: 179 calories

Here are some excepts from my practice. I am still in my pajamas!

After lunch and homeschool I did 45 minutes of Yoga with Emily on Ompractice.

Yoga: 95 Calories

Then I headed to the studio for an hour of Irish Step. We learned a Halloween dance for the Monster Bash on Friday, and we also learned the slip jig, which was very challenging for me. The other students have been working on it already for two weeks — I felt like my brain was melting!

Irish Step: 386 Calories

Today’s Nutrition

Nutrition today was pretty good. I ate my dinner when I came home from dance.


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