Week 1, Day 3

While my daughter worked on some math this morning (we are homeschooling this year) I got in some movement. True, that I had to be available to help her while she worked through some complex problems, but I certainly worked up a lather. Feeling like I have my priorities straight helps a lot.

Every morning I recite the same affirmation: “I do everything on my plate today and I can do it well.”

Today’s Workout

I did some crosstraining today with 20 minutes of indoor cycling and 10 minutes of strength training. The spinning was intense for me, with intervals that I strove to keep at 70 RPM or higher. Sometimes that was tough, especially after a sprint.

Glistening with sweat!

Strength training was quick and effective. I used a combination of resistance bands and barbell to hit squats, leg lifts, glute squeezes, biceps curl, upright row, and abs.

In all I worked out for 30 minutes and burned 215 calories. Later in the day I went for a 30 minute walk!

Today’s Nutrition

I was nervous about nutrition and calories today, as we had friends over to celebrate a birthday. I knew that I could drink wine and eat cake. So, I tried to save the major calories for dinner. Even still, I ate a bit more cake than I wanted to and went over my calorie goals.

I came in at more than 1600 calories, which is not ideal but also not as horrible as it could have been, or as horrible it has surely been in the past!


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