Week 1, Day 1

A little movement goes a long way!

– Today’s Focus

Today is a day off from parenting for me, as all Mondays are right now. It is my only “day off” from this mode and so offers some unique considerations. One is that I tend to have big emotions because my child is not here with me, and this often causes me to emotionally eat — read: binge eat. Generally I do not work out on this day, taking it as a total day off to allow my body and mind and spirit to recover from the previous six days in “go mode.”

Since Mondays are such difficult days for me, I wanted to ease into my new program by taking some of the pressure off. Like many people, I place a lot of pressure on myself to be “perfect” and to achieve as much as possible (in ways that can be measured, especially by others). But this Heavy Karma approach that I created for myself is about sitting in these tendencies and accepting them in order to understand them so that I no longer need them.

I am taking my time today to feed my passions! I lost four hours first thing in the morning working on a passion project and was still in my PJs at 1pm. When I began to contemplate how I wanted to move my body, I immediately thought of step aerobics — another passion!

Today’s Workout

I did BodyStep Remix #3: Step to the Party on Les Mills On Demand. I have been LOVING these remixes. This was my first time doing this particular installment. My focus was to just MOVE and to enjoy the movement.

This was my first time making a video of this kind.

The workout had me sweating but it was not my favorite of the series. I burned 377 calories for this 45 minutes of step aerobics (7 of those minutes were at peak heart rate). That’s a good burn for me!

Today’s Nutrition

When thinking about what to eat finally was a factor, I was apprehensive, as I always have been when I have to think about food. I kept reminding myself that moderation is my goal but that a bigger goal is to feel what I feel and learn what needs to be learned.

I logged my food on MFP to keep track of my nutrients and my calorie expenditure. I came in at 1237 calories.

In sum, not a bad day. This was a good way to get on track.


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